A sophisticated collaboration between THEFLAMEL and FLAMIGNI, the iconic Italian confectionery that has left an enduring mark on the history of national pastry, thanks in large part to the legendary panettone. Their absolute mastery of this delightful masterpiece has positioned them at the pinnacle of excellence in the industry, allowing them to stylishly experiment with the dimensions, aesthetics, and flavors of the panettone.

FLAMIGNI, with a touch of audacious flair, can boast of shaping the world's most imposing panettone, refining over the years techniques of food coloring of the dough that result in an explosion of shades and tastes.

From this culinary adventure arises the intriguing idea of collaborating to create four panettones, each with its unique color, wrapped in bespoke packaging exuding an irresistibly cool aura.

In the heart of this enchanting Christmas tale, Maurizio Tentella skillfully directs the magical Christmas Fable of FLAMIGNI and THEFLAMEL. Accompanied by the four lovely maidens, each draped in a different hue, all radiant with the prospect of joining Maurizio.

As they approach the table, a mysterious fairy makes her appearance, capturing Maurizio's attention and bringing about a magical halt to time. Their gazes lock, and a spell envelopes them both.

The maidens, realizing the presence of the fairy, barely have time to glance at her before transforming into four delightful panettones, each mirroring the color of their attire.

The magic of the spell envelops Maurizio and the fairy, leaving in its wake an enchanted atmosphere, brimming with sweetness and Christmas magic.


The Black Panettone "DESSERTS STRESSED," brought to life by our Black Maiden - Gloria Cingolani, exudes an air of elegance and determination, mirroring the very essence of Gloria herself. The sophisticated flavor profile of the Black Panettone, featuring a delightful blend of licorice and lemon, harmonizes seamlessly with Gloria's refined style and the carefully chosen Ottolinger brand.

This combination flawlessly captures the depth and intensity of this unique delicacy, a creation by FLAMIGNI for THEFLAMEL.


The Red Panettone "PANETTONE PER TUTTI,” artfully interpreted by Joëlle Pomioli, beckons us into a realm of Passion and Sophistication. Its nuanced flavor, infused with the essence of Provence Roses, transports us into a world where every bite is a journey. Joëlle's curated style, adorned with LOUISE LYNG BJERREGAARD's exquisite touch and accentuated by the striking Red Boots from VETEMENTS, elevates the visual spectacle.

As you savor the Red Panettone, a tale of Love, Passion, and enchantment unfolds, creating a sensorial experience that transcends the ordinary.


The Purple Panettone "GEMS UNCUT," brilliantly brought to life by Sara Misciali, stands out for its eclectic creativity and her unrestrained intensity in exploring new forms of artistic expression and roles. The lingering and captivating Bergamot flavor of the Purple Panettone never ceases to amaze us. We are intrigued and deeply enamored by Sara and her extraordinary Purple Panettone.

Styled masterfully by JW ANDERSON, her look is a tribute to perfection, artfully embodying the multifaceted charm of this "GEMS UNCUT" Purple Panettone from FLAMIGNI for THEFLAMEL.


The Green Panettone "PSYCHO CHRISTMAS" perfectly embodies the unique spirit of Emmagiulia. Its unexpected blend of Lemon and Basil flavor is a delightful surprise that never fails to captivate. Emmagiulia's distinctive style, elegantly showcased in DIESEL attire complemented by a KARA bag, is a testament to boldness and sophistication.

We deeply admire Emmagiulia's personality and her daring approach, beautifully reflected in the Green Panettone "PSYCHO CHRISTMAS”.