THE FLAMEL presents Sonora, a distinctive brand that seamlessly blends Pop Cowboy style with exquisite craftsmanship. Sonora offers a collection that embodies both elegance and quality, drawing its inspiration from the rugged American Old West.
We've chosen to wear these pieces to take ourselves from the untamed wilderness to the streets of Milan via THEFLAMEL.COM. It's a unique project that marries the frontier aesthetics of Pop Cowboy with the contemporary design of the city, resulting in a rich and stylish experience.

In 1982, Sonora was born with an American dream and the allure of city cowboys, blending a free spirit with Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by the Sonora Desert, it transformed boots into a cult object. Two years ago, Nicola, a shoemaker from Marche, introduced me to Sonora's rich heritage, including stunning Made in Italy cow-boots from the 80s and iconic imagery by Paul Jasmin. Nicola and I are now partners, reviving Sonora.

Sonora's essence includes timeless appeal, Western soul, a Rock and Roll vibe, and an authentic history of quality products. To rejuvenate the brand, we collaborated with the Morelli Brothers, photographers and filmmakers, to make the 80s imagery contemporary for today's audience. We're an Italian shoemaking family with deep roots in the Marche region. Quality is paramount, with strict craftsmanship standards, customer feedback, and open communication among our teams. Our goal is a united family driven by shared values to create exceptional shoes.
Maurizia Lastilla, Brand Manager of Sonora