THEFLAMEL.COM has big plans for this festive season. It trusts with the culinary guidance of the gastronaut par excellence, Maurizio Tentella, founder of Spacedelicious, lands us directly on Gattullo.
And this is how our mission takes a new shape. It has a plot, actors, a message. Ne vuoi un po’?  And what are you doing, not accepting?

From the collaboration with the creative studio comes an ad 'with precedent' for an exclusive panettone signed by THEFLAMEL.COM and the famous Milanese pasticceria. A gastronomic guarantee in the city.
It is a video inspired by the commercials of the 80s, in which Maurizio has reworked the Italian style of those years to adapt it to the current style of our brand. An irresistible proposal that combines two types of good taste, that for food and that for fashion.

- We can say that Spacedelicious is unique. Can you tell us how the idea came about?

Spacedelicious was born from the idea of talking through videos, shootings, and events about the culinary excellence of the beautiful country. By finding a less canonical way of communication, the aim is to give light on certain incredible products that our country is littered with. All this by associating the world of food with that of fashion, art, and cinema.

- Part of your project is to research and select the best foods for brand collaborations. For THEFLAMEL.COM you chose Gattullo. Can you tell us more?

When we decided to collaborate with THEFLAMEL.COM I immediately suggested Gattullo and its panettone, because it was Christmas. But beyond the product, I think Gattullo is an icon and a meeting place for the city of Milan and has a lot in common with THEFLAMEL.COM and its community.

- Ne vuoi un po’?  takes its inspiration from 80s commercials. This is not the first time we find these references in your work. What influence did those years have on your creative universe?

The world of 'food' is undoubtedly largely very conservative, which we respect and indeed seek, but the only aspect in which we do not want to be conservative is in communicating it. That is why we often give a sarcastic or aesthetic note that is unusual compared to what one is used to seeing in this sector.

- And now a little more philosophical. What lies behind your passion for food?

I love researching excellent products in food and creating collaborations. Bringing them into dialogue with other brands to combine seemingly distant worlds, which turn out to be very close.